Appendix 2



Privacy Policy

Dear User! The safety of your personal data is of the utmost importance to us.

The present privacy policy (hereinafter “Privacy Policy”) constitutes part of the Terms and Conditions of the website and applications (hereinafter “Website”). Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions results in acceptance of the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy determines the rules for the processing and protection of Users' personal data as well as the principles for using “cookie” files.


I.            Administrator

1.           The Administrator of the personal data (hereinafter “Data”) within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Dz. U. 2002, No. 101, item 926), provided and shared in connection with using the Website, is the company PPI Polskie Portale Internetowe Maciej Koper, registered in Warsaw (01-441) at ul. Deotymy 41, tax identification number NIP: 774-262-28-41.

2.           Only authorized persons have access to the personal data of our Users.


II.           Aim of processing

1.           The Data shall be processed in order to fulfil the Agreement into which each User and the Administrator enter on the Website, which includes contacting Users, accounting and verifying the authenticity of the data provided by the Users during Registration.

2.           In addition to the above, upon the consent of the User, the Data shall also be used by the Administrator or other entities to send information about the Administrator and services provided by the Administrator or other entities and their products (including commercial information) to the User at, among others, the e-mail address provided by the User, as well as for other purposes.

3.           All studies of the Website community are conducted only upon the consent of the Administrator, and the published results cannot contain data that makes the identification of individual Users possible.


III.          Basis for Data processing

1.           The Data is processed on the basis of consent expressed by the User by marking the appropriate fields on the registration form filled in during registration on the Website, as well as the statutory authorisation for the processing of data for the purposes of execution and settlement of services provided by the Administrator.

2.           By marking appropriate, separate fields on the registration form, the User declares their consent to receive unsolicited commercial information on promotions and novelties on the Website, as well as other commercial information sent by the Website on the Website's own behalf or commissioned by the Website, at the e-mail address provided by the User during registration, including after the termination of use of the Website by the User. The aforementioned consent may be revoked at any moment.

3.           The User may at any moment resign from receiving further commercial information via e-mail by clicking the link enabling them to resign from receiving commercial information (“Opt out of receiving messages” – "Zrezygnuj z otrzymywania wiadomości"),  located in the footer of every e-mail message.


IV.          Data File

The Website Users Data File (hereinafter “Data File”) has been submitted for registration to The Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.


V.           User's Rights

1.           The Data is provided voluntarily, with the reservation that failure to provide the Data specified in the Terms and Conditions during registration makes registration and use of the Website impossible.

2.           The User has the right to access, correct and update their Data. The Administrator enables Users to delete their Data from the Data file in the case of withdrawal from the Agreement, as well as in other cases resulting from the legal provisions in force. The Administrator may refuse to delete Data if the User has breached the Terms and Conditions or the legal provisions in force, and the conservation of Data is necessary to explain the circumstances and establish the User's liability.


VI.          Information about the technical measures preventing the acquisition and modification of personal data by unauthorised persons using electronic means.


The Data is protected in accordance with the legal provisions in force, using the best security technologies. Access to the Website is possible via a dedicated server (i.e. a separate computer acting as a server). It is optimally configured for the needs of the Website, which reduces the loading time of the Website and makes the functioning of the Website more stable.


VII.         Information about the use of “cookie” files

1.           Many websites save cookie files in the Internet browser's clipboard (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) in your user account of the device which you use to connect to the Internet. The Website also uses this opportunity to save your individual settings of certain functions of the Website, which would be impossible for you to use without enabling cookies in your browser.

2.           Cookie files constitute IT data, in particular text files stored on the end device of the Website User for the purposes of Website use.

3.           The software for browsing websites (Internet browser) by default enables the storage of cookie files on the User's end device. Website Users may at any time change cookie settings. These settings may be changed in the Internet browser settings, in particular to block automatic cookie support or inform the User every time a cookie file is stored on the Website User's device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of supporting cookie files are available in the software (Internet browser) settings.

4.           Remember that you may change or disable cookie support at any time for a particular webpage or for all connections from your Internet browser.

5.           Disabling cookies may hinder the use of certain services on the Website.

6.           Cookie files are used on the Website in particular to:

a.           create statistics which e.g. support the SEO, facilitating the access to the information needed by the User;

b.           change the appearance or the version of the Website;

c.            store session data (expiring after the end of each session);

d.           ensure access to certain parts of the Website, e.g. those secured by the log-in system;

e.           save provided information, such as the selected language of the website;

f.            adapt informational and promotional content, provide users with advertisement content better adapted to their interests;

g.           adapt the content of webpages to the preferences of the user and optimize the use of websites;

h.           control the reappearance of popup messages after the elapse of a determined time interval;

i.             manage the cache in order to optimise the page loading duration for the users.

7.           On the Website, the following types of cookie files may be used:

a.           strictly necessary cookies which enable the use of services available on the Website, e.g. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication on the Website,

b.           cookies for ensuring security, e.g. detection of authorisation abuse on the Website,

c.            cookies for collecting information about the way the Website's pages are used,

d.           functional cookies for saving the settings selected by the User and customizing the User interface, e.g. selected language or region the User comes from, font size, appearance of the Website, etc.,

e.           advertising cookies, providing users with advertising content more adapted to their interests.


VIII.       Access to the User Data published on the Website

1.           In the User Panel, the User may choose who shall have access to particular elements of their Profile, including the Materials published by the User, who may comment on their Materials and to whom the User is visible.

3.           The User is entitled to delete their Account on the Website. The User can delete their Account by clicking the link “Delete Account” (“Usuń Konto”). Thereafter, the User needs to confirm the deletion of their account by clicking a link sent by the Administrator to the User's e-mail address provided during the registration process, which shall redirect the User to the appropriate Website page. The deletion of the Account shall be confirmed by the Administrator by displaying an appropriate message on the Website page concerning the acceptance of the Account deletion request. The deletion of the Account shall be carried out not later than 90 days from the day on which the User submitted the request to delete the Account, mentioned in the present item, to the Administrator. The deletion of the Account terminates the Agreement.


IX.          Other Provisions

1.           Data may be disclosed to entities authorised to receive them under the legal provisions in force, including competent law enforcement authorities.

2.           If the Administrator receives information that a User is using the Website or the Services contrary to the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy or the legal provisions in force, the Administrator may process the User's personal data in the scope necessary for establishing the User's liability, under the condition that the Administrator conserve the fact of receiving the information and its content for evidential purposes.

3.           The Administrator uses IP addresses collected from Internet connections for technical purposes connected with server administration. Moreover, IP addresses are used to collect general, statistical demographical information.