Frequently asked questions

For Users:

For Guides:

For Users:


How do I register at

Click on the button “Sign up” on the top right of the main page. Fill in the form or sign up with your Facebook account by clicking on the button “Log in with Facebook”.


What is My Path, and how do I use it?

“My Path” is a personal area that is visible only to registered users of This is a space dedicated to your faith formation, and no one else will see your “My Path” area. You can create your own path by adding media that you want to save for later - you will be able to return to it whenever you want.

Each media item that you add represents a step on your spiritual path. The completed steps will be marked as “Finished” and highlighted green. You can also freely change the order of the steps or remove them from “My Path”.

Adding Media - To add media to your spiritual path on, you can use the button “Add to My Path” situated under the player on the page where selected media is located. You can also add media directly from the “My Path” area by clicking on the button “Next step.” This will open a new box where you can browse media and search the most interesting materials by the topic and duration time.

Changing the order of media/deleting media - If you would like to change the order of the media on “My Path,” just drag and drop the selected files. You can also delete media from “My Path” by clicking on “x”, which is located under the “Action” tab. Materials that you’ve already watched/read/listened to, will be marked as “Finished” and highlighted green.


How do I complete/edit My Profile?

To complete or edit your profile click on the field with your avatar at the top right of the screen, and select the option “My Profile” from the drop-down list. Click on the button “Edit Profile,” then complete or edit your information and confirm the changes by clicking the button “Save”.  

To change your background photo, click on the camera icon at the top right of the background. The minimum width of a background image is 1920px.


What is a subscription?

A subscription allows you to follow a specific channel or thematic platform and stay up to date on the uploads of your favorites Guides. The newest media from the Guides and platforms you are subscribed to appear in your media feed under “Selected for you” on the main page. You can also find all of your subscriptions in the “My Profile” section. You are able to cancel subscriptions at any time by clicking on the button “Subscribed” on the Guide or Platform’s page.


Are the beneDeo website and application free of charge?

The website and mobile application are available free of charge.


How do I contact beneDeo support?

Click on the option “More” on the menu at the top of the page, then select the option “Contact,” and fill in the contact form.  


For Guides:


How can I become a Guide on

First you must register as a user and log in to your profile.

Next, click on the green button “Become a Guide,” which is located in the center of the home page. Fill in the registration form, accept the Terms and Conditions, and submit the application.

After this, we will review your application and publish your channel once the verification process is complete. You can check the status of the verification process on your channel’s page, located on the right side of the background image, next to the camera icon.


What kind of content can I publish?

All published media should have only one aim: to bring people closer to God. You can publish your reflections, meditations, comments, music, homilies and other content, provided that it stays in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and you have copyright and property rights to it. We do not accept journalistic nor political content. (see Terms and Conditions I.5.).


Why cant other users see my channel?

1) Because your channel is still being verified

At we care about the credibility of the Guides who publish on our website. Every channel must be verified before it becomes visible to everyone. You can see the status of the verification process on your channel’s page, located on the right side of the background image, next to the camera icon.

2) Because you switched off the visibility of the channel

Once the verification process is complete, you can also set up the visibility of your channel in your channel settings. You can switch your channel on/off by clicking on the status icon on the right of the background image. You can also set it up it after you click on the button “Edit channel” and go to tab “Channel status”.

3) Because your channel is empty

Your channel will remain invisible to other users until you publish at least one media item.


How do I complete my channel?

Log in to your account. Select your channel from the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen then click on “Go to your channel”.

You can complete/edit your channel information by clicking on the button “Edit channel” on your channel’s page. You can complete basic information about your channel, add a profile and background photo, create a short and large description of the channel and add links to your social media. You can also set the visibility status of the channel.


How do I add content to my channel?

Option 1:

Log in to your profile and click on your avatar on the right top of the page. Select the option “Explore as [your channel’s name] ”. Then, click again on the avatar and select  the option “Add media” from the drop-down list.

Option 2:

Log in to your profile and go to your channel. Then, open the tab “Uploaded media,” and click on the button “Add”.

a. Once you have completed the steps for either option 1 or 2, select a file type, and drag and drop files from your computer (audio or text) or paste the YouTube link (video file). Next complete the “Name” and “Description” fields. For audio and text files, you should also add a cover photo (permitted formats: jpg, png, gif. Max 2MB).

b. Next, decide if you want to publish your media file immediately by selecting the status (“Published” or “Unpublished”).

c. Select if you want users to be able to comment on your content. You can enable or disable comments at any time. You can also select the option “Moderated comments,” which means that all comments must be reviewed prior to their publication.

d. Select the language of the media.

e. Mark if you want to show it in your recommended media and add tags that reflects the best its content.

f. If there is only one media file that you would like to add, click on “Save uploaded media”. If you would like to add additional media items, select a file type once again, upload the a new media file, and complete all details. When you upload all the media, click on the button: “Save uploaded media”.  

You can always change the visibility of your content, enable or disable comments, and set up the list of the media items that will be shown in the “Recommended by Guide” tab in your channel.


How do I create a playlist?

If you have more content on the same subject or you have uploaded media items that are part of a bigger whole, you can always create a playlist. You can create a playlist with your own content or with the content published on by other Guides.

To create a playlist, enter your channel, and click on “Playlist”. Next, click on the green button “Add.” Fill in the form (name, cover photo, description, status and language), and click on “Save.” Next, click on the playlist and find the media you would like to add. Then, click on the button “Add to playlist”.


What is the Recommended by Guide tab?

“Recommended by Guide” is the area on your channel that users see first. Every Guide can decide which media items they want to publish there. You can add any media published on to the “Recommended by Guide” section, including your own media, as well as other Guides’ media.

Reordering media - You can reorder media in this tab by dragging and dropping them. For example, if you have a media post for a feast day, and it is placed at the bottom of “Recommended by Guide,” you can choose to put it on top of this section just for that feast day. Every user who enters your channel will see this media file first in your “Recommended by Guide” section.

Adding media - To add media to this section, select the option “Add to Recommended” when adding media to your channel. You can also enter the “Uploaded media” section and click on the button “Add to Recommended” to the right of the title of the selected media.

Managing the Recommended by Guide media - You can drag and drop media items or click on their number to reorder. You can also delete media items from this section by clicking on the button “Delete,” which is located next to every media file.


How often should I post new media?

You can add media to your channel whenever you want. It is the Guide who decides when and what type of content they would like to publish. Nevertheless, we encourage you to use your channel actively, to keep it update, and to publish media regularly.


Can I delete my uploads?

Yes, a Guide decides which uploads are published on their channel and can delete them at any time.