Become a Guide

Become a Guide

Who is a Guide?

A Guide is anyone who publishes on and is someone who leads others to God by showing them the path.

On Guides can be consecrated religious or laymen, who have experience in evangelization work, ministries or organizations which promote Christian values and activities.


What are the requirements to become a Guide?

You must have your own media in audio, video and/or text format. Its content must be in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

How does it work?

If you have no time to manage your profile on your own, you can personally select an assistant, or can also assign you a Profile Assistant.

Make sure that you have copyright and property rights to the media you are going to publish on your profile.

You can find detailed information about the publishing process in our Terms and Conditions.


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If you personally know someone who would make a great Guide, feel free to invite them to publish on!

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