God is Real

Added 18 October 2016 by Chris Stefanick

Most atheists are hook line and sinker fallen into scientism. "If it can't be proven with the scientific method it can't be considered truth". It's really bad philosophy. For many reasons, one of which: the premise of scientism can't be verified with the scientific method. Another fallacy - atheists think we believe God is some noisy mythological creature. As the atheist cosmonaut famously said "I got into space and didn't see God!" Any thinking believer would agree with how silly that is! We don't place God in the category of bigfoot or a flying spaghetti monster. He's BEING itself.

Chris Stefanick

Chris Stefanick

Denver, CO

Husband, Dad, Speaker, Author & President of RealLifeCatholic reminding the world of truth, beauty & power of the Gospel

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