"Ite, Missa est" - Mass & Mission

Added 5 October 2016 by Chris Stefanick

You have a Mission to explode into the world with God's love, says popular Catholic Youth Speaker Chris Stefanick. In this talk, he explains how the Holy Mass is meant to give you the grace to do just that. In fact, the very word Mass comes from a Latin word, meaning mission, dynamic speaker Chris Stefanick tells us.
Looking to the lives of the saints as examples, Chris shows how the power of the Mass and the Super-Human food it provides in the Eucharist will equip you to accomplish the mission God calls you to.

Chris Stefanick

Chris Stefanick

Denver, CO

Husband, Dad, Speaker, Author & President of RealLifeCatholic reminding the world of truth, beauty & power of the Gospel

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