Beads to Bliss: Rediscovering the Rosary

Added 4 October 2016 by Fr. Ed Benioff

We are called to pray everyday and one of the best ways to pray is through the holy rosary. When we pray the holy rosary, we practice the three types of prayer, vocal, contemplative and meditative.

Praying in this way, Christians in every generation have come to know the warmth of the love of Jesus and Mary — the intimate life of the Holy Family.

When we pray the Rosary, we consider the great scenes from Jesus' life as we repeat the words of the Church's basic prayers. In our hearts we enter the scenes, because surely Jesus wants us to be there with him. In all those places — Nazareth, Bethlehem, Egypt, Galilee, Mount Tabor, Jerusalem, Calvary — he loved you and me and acted on that love. We belong there with him. The Rosary takes us there in our prayer and our imagination.

Fr. Ed Benioff

Fr. Ed Benioff

Los Angeles

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