How Do I Pray?

Added 19 September 2016 by Chris Stefanick

Does the idea of prayer overwhelm you? What is it? How do I do it? In this illuminating talk, Youth Speaker Chris Stefanick clears away the mystique that often surrounds the idea of prayer.
Prayer is simply a conversation, Chris explains. Yes, you got it! Prayer is nothing more than a conversation between you and God.
This dynamic apostle to the youth proves a great guide to introductory prayer for teens. He gives young people a host of simple reflections on the meaning of prayer. But not stopping there, he also gives great advice on how to pray. Chastity Speaker and Youth Evangelist Chris Stefanick will get your teens excited about making prayer and the Word of God part of their daily lives.

Chris Stefanick

Chris Stefanick

Denver, CO

Husband, Dad, Speaker, Author & President of RealLifeCatholic reminding the world of truth, beauty & power of the Gospel

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