Holy Matrimony: A First-Class Christian Life

Added 12 September 2016 by Fr. Ed Benioff

If you're married — or if you plan to be married some day — you should know the awesome dignity of your calling.

First, you should know that it is indeed a calling. Marriage is the permanent and indissoluble bond between one man and one woman; it is open to the procreation of children. God creates each of us and then calls us to the particular path of life that will perfect us. Most people receive the call to marriage and family life.

God will give us the grace we need to make a lasting love — to live sacrificially and love faithfully, as he himself lives and loves. He wants every married couple to be a sign of his bond with the Church, a living promise of his faithfulness.

Let marriage be honored. Let true love be enjoyed. That's the Gospel truth.

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Fr. Ed Benioff

Fr. Ed Benioff

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