Silent Night - feat. Natasha Pinto, Gary Pinto and Fr. Rob Galea

Added 20 December 2017 by Fr. Rob Galea

This music video is part of the 'Silent Night Invitation' initiative in support of the 2017 Vinnies Christmas Appeal in Australia.

Help the poor by downloading the song on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or iHeartRadio or visit to donate to the cause.

This version of Silent Night was produced to mark 200 years since the carol was originally composed. The three featured artists are Natasha Pinto, Gary Pinto and Fr Rob Galea. All artists’ proceeds from each download will go to the 2017 Vinnies Christmas Appeal.

SILENT NIGHT INVITATION is a joint project of Catholic Super, the St Vincent de Paul Society, Natasha Pinto, Gary Pinto and Fr Rob Galea.

Fr. Rob Galea

Fr. Rob Galea


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