5 Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Grace

Added 22 November 2017 by Archdiocese of Washington

Fr. Bill Byrne shares his 5 Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Grace!

You know as a faithful Jew in the temple Jesus would have been praying many different things - the Scripture we hear about Him opening up Isaiah but He also would have been praying the Psalms. They are the prayer book of Jesus, if you will. So when we read the Psalms we're praying with Jesus to the Father. This Thanksgiving Day I suggest reworking the whole blessing before hand. Everyone can go around and say what you're thankful for, but why don't you try one of Jesus's prayer book prayers, the Psalms. So here are five ideas for your Thanksgiving grace:

1. Psalm 34. This is the famous "taste and see goodness of the Lord". This one is gonna be so perfect because you will have your turkey and your stuffing and everything. You will be tasting and seeing the goodness of the Lord right before you. So pray that Psalm together with everybody at a table during your Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Psalm 50: 23. This is a good one because it's super short if everyone is hungry and you have got a big crowd, you got to move it along, but it also talks about steadfastness so it is a great time to acknowledge all the older people at the table and the way they have been steadfast to the family.

3. Psalm 69:33-37. This is good for a family that's had a tough year because it acknoledges that but then finds God working even in the challenges and in line that says that we offer a song of praise so if you are a musical group, why don't you do a "this little light of mine" or something as a part of your Thanksgiving grace - an Amazing Grace.

4. Psalm 95: 1-7. This is great if you are an outdoorsy family because it talks about God's voice echoing on the mountains and the Seas and the depths. Ask everyone to think about the place that they most easily find God and give thanks for that.

5. Psalm 100. This is actually one of my very favorite and I pray it actually every morning and it talks about giving God thanks, the gladness of being in God's presence and maybe it helps turn the people who are a little negative, maybe they'll be a little more positive at the Thanksgiving table.

That's five ideas for Thanksgiving 2017!

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