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In this Video Fr. Rob Galea talks about the meaning of Advent and about Advent activities...
Filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

Advent is a time to recall, to prepare for two comings of God. First is the past. It is recalling the first coming of Jesus in Christmas, time where we reflect on that prepare our hearts to remember this great event. But also it is a time of preparation for the second coming of Christ. Preparing our hearts, being free from sin and being sure that we are ready, so when he does come again, which no one knows the day or the hour, we will be prepared to meet Him in heaven forever.
Advent is a time of penance and that's why the Church gives us this season in preparation and how we prepare is through penance and through prayer. Now, the penance is not as strict as Lent, but it is a time to fast, it is a time to pray, it is a time to fall to our knees and cry out to God that He may prepare our hearts for His coming...

Advent 2017

Fr. Rob Galea

Fr. Rob Galea


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