The tiny moments of faith [Today's readings - Catholic commentary]

Added 13 November 2017 by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Mssgr. James Vlaun shares his reflection on today's readings.
November 13, 2017
Memorial of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin

We have a friend in our family who owns a fantastic pizzeria and people love in particular the sauce that they put on their pizza. There is a secret ingredient in the sauce so they never tell anybody about and it's anchovy paste. Yes, ground up anchovies and a little squirt in a tube changes the flavor of a gigantic pot of souce and the pizza is famous for that souce. Little things add up and they make a huge difference in our lives and in cooking too. It is not easy to see this all the time, it seems so small, but that's very, very significant. I remember a few years back a book came out that was very popular. It was called "Don't sweat the small stuff". I have never liked that book at all, bacause you have to sweat the small stuff, bacause that keeps the big stuff in check. Jesus refers to our faith as a mustard seed today. Small stuff in a small moments, but it's in the tiny moments of faith ultimately that big things begin to happen. It's there that God can do marvelous things to change our lives for good. I think we can experience him in two simple small ways of our lives and allow that to take root in us and grow and become something much bigger. Today we have the memorial of st. Francis Xavier Cabrini. She once said: "We would never have had the prodigies of conversion amd marvelous holiness, if they had not changed the flames of human passion in their lives ,into volcanos of immense love of God. Yes, it's up to us let it grow, to fan the small gif of faith into a blazing inferno of love and focus on the firt line of the reading today. Love justice, in small ways it begins and in the end it saves us and the world.

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