History of the Eucharist

Added 30 October 2017 by Br. Casey Cole, OFM

Brother Casey speaks about the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

When we look through history, we see that the celebration of the Eucharist in the Catholic Church contains not only many varied expressions, but a faith and theology that seems to have evolved—and continues to evolve—over two millennia.

There are few things in the Catholic Church as complicated and controversial as the way we worship. Because our Church has spanned two millennia covered most of the world and has been dictated by multiple dominant cultures, there have been innumerable ways of celebrating th mass and reflecting on it. With so many varied expressions and different strains of thought, historians have attempted over the last century to offered a generalized view of how our theology developed. While no account can offer a complete story. One of the most influential summaries of the 20th century comes from Henri de Lubac, the French jesuit whose scholarship helped define the reform of the Second Vatican Council. For Lubac, there were essencially two major epochs in the history of the Eucharist. Split roughly between the two millennia of the Church's history and characterized by mirrored phrases. The Eucharist makes the Church and the Church makes the Eucharist.

Br. Casey Cole, OFM

Br. Casey Cole, OFM

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