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Bishop Frank Caggiano speaks about the meaning of gratitude and how to put it into practice. He explains how to change our attitude and activities to be more grateful.

One of the great fruits that should flow from your prayer life and mine is a spirit of gratitude, is a spirit of giving thanks for all that we have. We are richly blessed and not simply in material things, because quite frankly many of those do not last forever. We are spiritually blessed, aren't we? We are blessed with our faith, we're blessed with the love we share with our families and friends, we're blessed with the beauty of creation that God gives to us so graciously. As my patron saint Francis often said he spoke of sister moon, spoke of sister death, spoke of the beauty of creation. The animals came to him, because he loved them. We gather every time at Mass and, what do we do? We celebrate the Eucharist which means to give thanks first and foremost for the Lord Jesus, His death, His ressurection of salvation in Him. I mean, many times we forget our blessings, don't we? We forget to stop and thank God for my next breath, for my ability to use this day for His glory. We forget to say: thank you for the smile of a child. We forget to say thank you for the health we have. But prayer is meant for us to have an open grateful heart.
So I ask you my friends today and in the days ahead: take a few moments and instead of asking God for something praise Him, adore Him, thank Him for everything you and I have. With Him we have everything and without Him we have nothing.

Bishop Frank J. Caggiano

Bishop Frank J. Caggiano

Bridgeport, CT

Frank Joseph Caggiano is an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church and the bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport.

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