Fr. Ed Benioff

Fr. Ed Benioff

Los Angeles, US
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Fr. Edward Benioff is the Director of Evangelization for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the director fo the Radiate LA. Born in Hollywood, he has lived his whole life in Southern California. Passionate about sports as a child, he played football, basketball, tennis and baseball, hoping to go pro and live the life of a famous athlete. Like most kids with that dream, he found another way to make a living. He followed his parents into the teaching profession. He also got active in his local parish — and there he was overcome with joy from serving others in the name of Jesus. He became convinced that Jesus was calling him to give his life to the Church. He was ordained a priest in 2007.

What is Radiate LA?

"A Christian is never bored or sad… the one who loves Christ… radiates joy."
Pope Francis (June 30, 2013)

What's your goal in life? Beyond a career, what kind of person do you hope to be? Nobody wants to walk through life angry, stressed or sad. Yet so many people end up living just that way.

Wouldn’t you rather radiate joy, peace and love?
You have the power to choose.

Radiate LA is here to help you shine with the goodness you have within you. God made you not to be bored or sad, but for joy.

And He made true joy to be contagious. Here's how it works:
When you know Jesus, your life reflects his love. You find a new confidence because you know you’re a child of God. You experience a genuine concern for others — because Christ feels it, and you’re sharing his life.

Then people notice, and they want to know: “what’s the secret to your joy?” That’s when you can tell them about Jesus. You can tell them your Gospel — your Good News — because they’ll really want to know.

Your Gospel will be credible only if your life is Christ-like. People need to see that the faith makes a difference. People need to see that it makes us happy. People need to see that it makes us care about others.